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DL316SS - DeckLok Anchoring Bracket 316 Stainless Steel (1 pk) *


DL316SS12 - DeckLok Anchoring Bracket 316 Stainless Steel (12 pk) *


*Limited Stock On Hand

Screw Products Inc DeckLok Lateral Anchor

  • DeckLok is a lateral anchor system that secures deck components to the structure of the deck in a way that is revolutionizing the deck industry. This patented lateral anchor system strengthens the vulnerable connections between deck components by adding a bolted attachment at critical structural locations.


    Current deck fastening techniques rely on resistance to "pullout" force... like using a nail to hold a crowbar. This will create stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from "pullout" to a connection in "shear" at the deck floor joist.


    It provides the strength required to meet or exceed IRC and IBC 2006, 2009 and 2012 Safety Code requirements for both lateral pullout and rail post stability while using your current deck construction techniques and designs.


    One DeckLok lateral anchor = 500% increase in rail post strength, two DeckLok Lateral Anchors = 4,000 lbs of ledger board pullout resistance!

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