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        Home Tops was started out of our parent company Home Lumber Company in Whitewater, WI. From there, we quickly grew to become the largest offering of deck accessories in the world with over 7,000 different high end products for fences, decks and landscapes.


        As Home Lumber was filling a customer’s need for six unique extra-large wooden finials from a manufacturer in Cato, Wisconsin, they learned that they were no longer made. Within two hours, they negotiated to purchase the old Madison mill turning machine along with 3,000 custom made finials. The mill was operated out of their old vacant 2,000 sq. ft. store.

        After naming the business Home Tops, we began marketing the wood products to fence companies across the country primarily through national trade shows. For three years, Home Tops struggled with expensive marketing and trade show costs. It seemed everyone was happy with one of our biggest competitors, the Nantucket Post Cap Co. Refusing to bite the bullet, we continued to hang in there, addressing each and every one of our customer’s wants and needs, expanding our offering and executing only the very best customer service we could offer. Our parent company would later go on to purchase Nantucket Post Cap Co. which is now managed by one of the owner’s sons.

        We later added an innovative lighting product line for deck and fence post tops which would become its own LLC named Aurora Deck Lighting. We now patent and manufacture the largest assortment of solar, line voltage, low voltage and LED deck lighting products in the world. From the beginning we made a commitment to our dealers to never sell to the “Big Box” stores and we now have over 5,000 dealers including some of the largest independent lumberyards in the U.S. buying our products on a daily basis.

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